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At Harmony and Wellness Healing we integrate Quantum Biofeedback and the natural products in Homeopathy to activate your body’s natural healing forces. We use combination homeopathy which is safe, effective, affordable and compatible with all types of medical, surgical, psychological, physical and nutritional therapies.

Before chemistry and drugs, there were more natural approaches to healing and that was in the use of plants, herbs and flowers. Homeopathy offers a time-tested method which satisfies the need for a more economical and non-toxic therapy. It encompasses all areas of medical care - prevention, emergency and acute care, and chronic disease treatment.

There is a growing consensus in the world that the massive expenditures on medical research have failed to demonstrate any significant improvement in society's level of health. The incidence of major chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease has continued to climb and medical costs have soared beyond the means of the average person. More and more, doctors and lay people alike are searching for alternatives like homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy?

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In 1796, German physician Samuel Hahnemann wrote, "Essay on New Curative Principle," in which he introduced a system of medicine based on similarity and the use of very high dilution pharmacological agents.

The theory and practice of homeopathy may seem strange to those of us who are accustomed to conventional Western medicine. We instinctively sense the rightness of a healing approach that stimulates and works with the body's natural healing force rather than attacking it. Homeopathy works with us, not on us. It assists our innate biological intelligence for health. For example, when we break a bone, we don't have to concentrate on healing the fracture - it is our innate intelligence that repairs it more or less automatically. In fact, the body can heal itself of virtually any disease state if given the proper support. Homeopathy encourages and maximizes our innate biological intelligence for cure.

Homeopathy is the science of healing from within. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the organism toward its own state of homeostasis, or balance, which is naturally accompanied by health. Samuel Hahnemann, the 'father' of homeopathy, developed the concept of the minimal dose, which is the practice of determining the smallest amount of a pharmacological agent capable of gently nudging a patient back into balance. This practice of using the smallest amount possible is the fundamental principle of homeopathy.

Throughout history, disease has been viewed from two fundamentally different perspectives: 1) As a malfunction of specific components of the body, where symptoms are seen as the diseases itself, and 2) Symptoms are a result of a deeper disturbance or imbalance of the person as a whole, of which symptoms are simply the outward manifestation. Disease is the blockage of the flow of life, and symptoms are the body's way of dealing with the blockage. Symptoms must point the way towards natural homeostasis and homeopathic cure.

Perspective number one is the basis underlying modern orthodox medicine. Whatever symptoms arise are counteracted by drugs, e.g., an antihistamine for a histamine reaction, an analgesic for pain, steroids for inflammation, an MAO inhibitor for depression, an antipyretic for fever, etc. In allopathy, 99 percent of all pharmacology works against symptoms and against the body. However, perspective number two is an ancient concept which underlies the entire holistic health movement, including homeopathy. Nature is revered and utilized to balance the system. The innate biological intelligence is worked with not against. With homeopathy side effects are relatively unknown.

Symptoms are not the disease; they merely accompany the disease. Symptoms are evidence of disease. Treating symptoms is like killing the messenger for bringing bad news. In fact, by only treating symptoms, you are suppressing the body's natural responses and inhibiting the healing process, interfering with life.

As far back as 190 years ago, long before the term "holistic health" was coined, homeopaths recognized the inseparability of body and mind. Homeopaths have always stressed the importance of assessing the totality of the person. No one bodily system exists independent of the others. Homeopathy is one of the rare medical approaches which carry no penalties - only benefits. In theory, there is no reason why orthodox medicine should not embrace homeopathy as an ally.

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How Does it Work?

Mechanisms of Action

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Homeopathy is a medical science used for centuries to treat illness. While not completely understood, the following are possible explanations for homeopathic activity:

  1. Pharmacology: Low potency products follow two laws -

      Arundt Schultz Law: A very small dose of a poison has reverse effects of a larger dose, i.e., homeopathic belladonna relieves the redness and dryness that raw belladonna causes.

      Law of Initial Values: As the quantity of substance is reduced, the effect may either elevate, paradoxically reverse, or reduce, depending on the substance itself.

  2. Imprinting of a message into the polymorphic structure of the water and alcohol mixture: The clath rate structure of water is modified to hold and transfer the medicinal message to the patient. The receptors for this message are probably located on the cell membranes and are similar to the olfactory receptors of the nose. This might explain the ability of strong odors to block homeopathy.

  3. Storage of information in the quantic states of the electrons, atoms and molecules of the carrier fluid: This transfer would be disrupted by sunlight, x-ray, or other photon or particle release. Homeopathics are sensitive to the same. Energy is needed for this, and is provided via succussion. (There seems to be a minimum number of times a product needs to be succussed).

  4. Energetic and electrical pattern of the homeopathic: Analyzing the spectral reactions of the homeopathic to conductance, inductance (magnetic relativity), and capacitance (static reactance) gives us a trivector analysis of the electrical signature of the homeopathic.

  5. Storage might take place in dimensions beyond the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th: Some shift of matter/energy in dimensions 4, 5, and 6 may be partially responsible for the memory of homeopathic remedies. This explains the imponderables of homeopathy and the power of energetic healing. This dimensional effect can be measured by correlating the virtual bio-photons of a homeopathic.

In mode number two, we study the phenomenon of memory in water and alcohol through photon scattering tests, nuclear magnetic resonance and the simplest of all, freezing. If water holds a plastic amorphous memory in liquid form as it enters solid form, this shape should have some effects on the ice patterns. A freezer that maintains -5c was used to crystallize the substances. The homeopathics used were less than 5% alcohol to allow proper freezing. They were put into one-inch circular 1/8 inch deep trays, then allowed to cool in the refrigerator for two hours at +5c before insertion into the freezer at -5c. After 12 hours the disks were frozen and unique patterns could be observed for each homeopathic. This was even observed above 24x potencies, where the probability of original product existing are minuscule.

Another common way to measure energetics is with Kirlian photography. This involves placing the product in a highly charged electrical field containing rare gases. Each homeopathic produces its own unique fingerprint or pattern of colors to identify it. It is interesting to note that duplicated or imprinted remedies show no fingerprint under freezing or Kirlian photography.

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How Remedies Are Used

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  1. Homeopathy can be used as nutritional supplementation. If we use a homeopathic compound, such as Vitamin B to supplement a deficiency, then homeopathy is being used in a nutritional sense. A concentrated source of B-12 diluted one part to ten, six times, arrives at a 6x. This is approximately equal to the RDA of B-12, 5 micrograms. Homeopathic remedies made for nutritional supplementation. Vitamins in the minimal dose can also be used to regulate metabolism. The research of Royal Lee proved that low doses of natural, high quality vitamins function better in vivo than mega-doses of synthetic vitamins.

  2. Homeopathy can be used to help stimulate the body. If we treat an allergy using a homeopathic preparation of the allergen (such as pollen, for example), we stimulate the body and the immune system to become more tolerant of that allergen. This is similar to conventional allergy treatment, where the body is gradually desensitized to whatever it is that causes the allergic reaction. One difference between homeopathy and allopathy is that homeopathy does not incur dependence, but rather uses a minimal dose philosophy which gently shifts the patient towards restoring his/her own health. Homeopathy stimulates the body naturally, allowing healing to proceed as intended. By definition in "the New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary of the English Language" 1989 Edition, allopathy is "a philosophy of medicine that views the physician as an interventionist who attempts to counteract the effect of a disease with surgical or medical treatment that produces effects opposite to those of the disease. A homeopathic physician generally uses a drug therapy that reinforces the body's natural self-healing process. Most U.S. physicians would be considered allopathic."

  3. Homeopathy may be used to help reverse symptoms. Belladonna is a toxin at higher concentrations, and it is known to create conditions characterized by red, dry skin and madness (red as a beet, dry as a bone, mad as a hatter). If, however, a patient is suffering from those same symptoms, a homeopathic of Belladonna can be a very effective treatment. Homeopathy recognizes the fact that signs and symptoms are indicative of underlying imbalances. Treating this underlying cause rather than the symptoms stimulates the body to return to the intended balance of its cybernetic systems. Through restoring homeostasis, the patient's body cures itself and the symptoms subsequently subside. In homeopathy, symptoms are recognized as messengers, whereas the allopathic approach merely attempts to suppress symptoms through the use of synthetic chemicals and invasive types of intervention.

  4. Homeopathy works to encourage energetic stabilization. Homeopathy assists energetic stabilization by encouraging correct tissue development with sarcodes, reducing allergic reactivity with allersodes, increasing hormetic detox with nosodes, stabilizing synthetic reactions with isodes and producing healing effects with imponderables and classic remedies.

  5. Homeopathy works with herbology. Herbs are the main ingredients in homeopathic remedies. Nature's best medicine can be safely used. Thus the best of oriental herbs can be regulated and used for safety and efficacy with FDA registration.

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  1. Primary Causes of Disease
    Violation of Natural Law
    Blockage of Flow Resulting From:


    1. Stress - Body, Mind, Spirit, Social and Environmental
    2. Lack of Education and Awareness - Ignorance of Body and Social Messages
    3. Mental Factors - Excess Anger, Grief, Greed, Etc.
    4. Heredity - Bad Genes Resulting in Increased or Decreased Nutrient Needs
    5. Allergic Reactivity - Allergies


    1. Toxicity - Synthetic or Auto-toxicity
    2. Trauma - Micro or Major
    3. Pathogen - Micro-Organism Out of its Natural Environment
    4. Perverse Energy - Excess Heat, Cold, Wind, Dryness, Humidity, Microwave, EMR, X-Ray, Etc.
    5. Deficiency or Excess of Nutrients - Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Air, Exercise, Love, Friendship, Intellectual Stimulation, Etc.
  2. Adaptation Syndrome
    (Mostly Symptom-Free)

    Functional Disturbance of Organs

  3. Exhaustion Stage

    Organic Dysfunction in Physical Makeup of Organs (Inflamed or Degenerative)

  4. Death

    Cells, Organs, Organ Systems or of Total Organism

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